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From Chris Thompson <>
Subject RE: (OT) Cannot see Localhost on Apache
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 12:32:07 GMT
Or, just a thought, have you checked whether it is listening on 8080 rather
than 80?


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From: Turner, John []
Sent: 30 September 2002 13:26
To: 'Tomcat Users List'
Subject: RE: (OT) Cannot see Localhost on Apache

Did you install a firewall?  Did you change your network settings in any
way, shape or form?  Add a cable modem, DSL router, or other network
hardware?  Do you have some sort of virus filter running on port 80?  Are
you sure Apache even starts?  Apache works out of the box in a default
install...there could be any number of other reasons why it doesn't serve
pages, none of them related to the Apache config file.


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From: Geoffrey Khan []
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 7:05 AM
Subject: (OT) Cannot see Localhost on Apache


Sorry for the off topic manner of this email but I am having trouble with my
Apache server and was wondering if anyone on this list can help me?

For about a year I had Apache 1.3.20 set-up on my Windows 98SE machine
running PHP 4.1.1 (and Coldfusion) on it with no problems. I would type
http://localhost/ (or  in my browser and be able to see
the directories with all my files in them and edit them accordingly.

However, last week I started up Apache and opened a browser and typed
Localhost but nothing happened! All I would get would be a white blank
screen and if I typed in the address of a specific file within the directory
I would get a "Pager cannot be displayed" error.

I tested this in IE, Netscape and Mozilla (along with clearing the cache in
each browser) and all of them were the same.

I decided to uninstall Apache 1.3.20 and upgrade to 1.3.26 figuring that if
I started with a newer version of Apache the problem would be eradicated and
I  would have a more up-to-date version of the server.

This I have done, but still I cannot gain access to any of my files and
still it gives me a blank white screen if I type Localhost and a "Page
cannot be displayed" error message if I try and navigate to a specific file
within the directory.

I have scanned the Apache web site, trawled through the newsgroups, studied
my config file indepth, but cannot see where the problem lies.

Could someone please take a look at my config file and try to see why this
is happening because as far as I can tell everything is fine and I haven't
changed anything since the last time it worked OK?

Please disregard the fact that I haven't loaded the PHP modules yet (and
Coldfusion as well) as I will do this after I have managed to sort out the
Localhost problem.

Your help would be very much appreciated.


Geoff Khan B.Sc (Hons)

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