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From "Adziashvili, Itzik" <>
Subject RE: PageContext is always null with taglibs
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:32:14 GMT
Do you use the class with a tag in a jsp? or by calling it from another

-----Original Message-----
From: Byrne Reese []
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2002 6:04 AM
Subject: PageContext is always null with taglibs

I am trying to write a custom taglib that extends the TagSupport class. 

At one point my implementation worked, but when upgrading to Tomcat
4.0.4, I keep getting a NullPointerException because the protected
variable pageContext is null.

Any clues? Is tomcat's servlet implementation no longer setting the
PageContext? What gives? Or how do I get a handle to the request and/or
response context so that I can get and put attributes and write output
to the browser?

Here is my code BTW:

public class GetCityTag extends TagSupport {
    /* blah blah blah */
    public int doEndTag() 
	throws JspException 
        City city = (City)getCity(getCityId());
	/* this next line is where the NullPointerException occurs */
	pageContext.setAttribute(getId(), city);
	/* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ */
	try {
	    pageContext.getOut().write("City id is " + cityId + "!");
	    pageContext.getOut().write("Storing fetched city
			      "' as " + id + "!");
	} catch(IOException e) {
	    throw new JspTagException("An IOException occurred.");
    	return EVAL_PAGE;

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