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From "Turner, John" <>
Subject RE: DESPAIR : Apache NOT talking with Tomcat now...
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 13:10:12 GMT

You have to take it one step at a time.  One single step at a time.  Don't
get inventive, don't grasp at straws.

>From what I have seen in all the threads here on this topic, the ONE THING
that must be set correctly is the host name.  It must be set the same all
the way through:  Apache's ServerName/VirtualHost, the host name in, all the host names in server.xml.  Raj Mettai went
around in circles for weeks, and the problem was the host name.  This has
also been true in other threads.

You honestly have to be very specific when you post, otherwise we will ALL
go in circles.  Don't say "I got inventive and it didn't work".  That
doesn't help anyone help you, as we have no way of knowing what "inventive"

Please post YOUR SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION.  OS, version numbers, hostnames,
relevant portion of httpd.conf,, relevant portion of
server.xml.  Please remember that if you post your configuration and ask for
help, people will answer your questions based on the configuration you have
posted...if you change things in the meantime, then the answer given to you
by someone else probably won't work.

Yes, the instructions work.  Numerous people are running a configuration
with Apache and Tomcat on separate boxes.  It does work.  You just have to
work through each thing one step at a time.


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> Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 4:34 AM
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> Subject: DESPAIR : Apache NOT talking with Tomcat now...
> Hi All.
> Apache talked with Tomcat on the same box on Thu-Fri. 
> Then I put Apache on one box and Tomcat on another. One slight
> difference : the Tomcat box has RH7.1/Apache1.3.16 (I cannot change
> that) whereas the box where I got them working has RH7.1/Apache2.
> I read thru all docos from various web sites :
> ;
> ;
> ;
> ;
> I tried as recommended - nope, web page cannot be displayed !
> Got inventive - nope. 
> Started from scratch 3 times - nope. 
> Got assurances the instructions work  - nope !
> Got rid of all the Context/docBase for existing servlets to Oracle,
> started from a virgin servlet.xml - nope !
> Lowered all the ipchains and all the boxes are as one, can 
> telnet, ftp,
> ping , sqlplus to all, no holds barred - nope , web page cannot be
> displayed.
> But I did manage to attach to Tomcat serving as a webserver 
> to display a
> page. I commented out that option in server.xml afterward.
> Nope !
> Nope !
> NOTHING seems to get Apache to talk with Tomcat on different boxes.
> I undersatnd people have done this before : so can u please 
> give me the
> instructions again without leaving anything out ? 
> The whole weekend : NOTHING !
> I guess it is just me !
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