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From "Ratner, Ian" <Ian.Rat...@FMR.COM>
Subject Possible proxyProtocol attribute?
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 17:14:06 GMT
I've set up Apache to proxy HTTP requests to an SSL-enabled Tomcat which
serves up Java Web Start applications:
Apache httpd.conf:
    ProxyPass            /webstart
    ProxyPassReverse /webstart

So if I hit
<>  with my browser, Web Start
will launch and try to download the application jars from
<>  instead of <>
I modified the Tomcat server.xml file to use proxyHost (
and proxyPort(80) and now when I go to
<>  it tries to download the
jars from
<>  which is close to what I want.
The problem is, I want the protocol to be http, not https.
Is is possible/does it make sense to have something like "proxyProtocol"?
Is there another way to get the desired result?  I've temporarily changes my
ProxyPass directives to use http for the webstart URLs, but I really want
SSL between and

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