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From SigurĂ°ur Bjarnason <>
Subject Warp connections
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 16:17:43 GMT

Hi all..
I want to use the mod_webapp module for apache to connect it to tomcat.. I have one question
about this
The thing is.. i want apache to serve all static content.. like html and let tomcat handle
the jsp and servlets.
Now when i use the apj1.2 connector with i use line like
JkMount /TESTSUITE/servlet/* ajp12
JkMount /TESTSUITE/*.jsp ajp12
when i use the mod_webapp.. i use lines like as follows 
 WebAppDeploy     examples    conn  /examples
......that is here that i have a problem !  how can i exclude the jsp pages... with this.
i have tryed to use 
 WebAppDeploy     examples    conn  /examples/*.jsp 
But that have not worked for me.. so if someone out there have the answer.. i would be greatful
! :)


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