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From Randall R Schulz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0.4 under Windows NT crashes: "memory cannot be read"
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 02:14:05 GMT

That's not a Tomcat problem.

The diagnostic you're seeing is indicative of a problem in the JVM or a 
native library or of some flaw external to the whole Tomcat / JVM complex 
(hardware or driver, e.g.). Short of a bug in the bytecode interpreter, the 
JIT translator or other code running as native instructions within the 
JVM's address space, this cannot happen.

Thus the problem is by definition not Tomcat, since Tomcat is 100% Java. 
Even if only Tomcat triggers the symptom, it cannot be a problem in the 
Tomcat code. Such a bug would produce misbehavior (non-compliant with the 
pertinent specs) and / or an inappropriate or unhandled Java exception, 
possibly even abortive shutdown of Tomcat as a whole, but not a low-level 
fault such as you've reported.

You should consider driver bugs (network driver, e.g.) or bugs in the 
platform's native (JNI) libraries or corrupted files containing code that 
is activated when you run Tomcat.

You should also consider hardware problems. Run a RAM diagnostic at the 
very least (check out MemTest86--it's good and mature. Get the latest 
release, especially if you have a P4-based system).

Good luck.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 23:59 2002-08-31, Jocelyn Paine wrote:
>I'm using Tomcat for Java and JSP in a large server-side application under
>NT4. Most of it works fine, but in a few parts of the application, Tomcat
>   Application Error. The instruction at "<memory address>"
>   referenced memory at "<memory address>". The memory cannot be read.
>Jocelyn Paine

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