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From tek1 <>
Subject Re: problems with tomcat4 and jrun2.3
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 13:44:10 GMT
does the 100% utilization when either jrun or tc run by themselves?

try upgrading tc to 4.0.4 to see if there's a difference.  may want to also 
try tc4.1.10.

what version of jdk131 are you using?  131_04?  if not, try that also.

for problems like this, first try to isolate the problem (i.e. test the 
technologies individually, if possible), and second, upgrade to the latest 
(micro) version of supporting technologies (i.e. jdk131_01 -> jdk131_04).

if that doesn't solve the problem, try using a profiler to find out which 
class/method is causing the problem.

At 15:06 02/09/10 +0200, you wrote:
>I have a big performance problem with tomcat 4.0.1 on a winNT4 machine
>MB RAM). After a short time after start and working with the application
>tomcat has required 100% CPU and more and more RAM. At the same machine
>Jrun 2.3. with a other application.
>Know anybody this problem? Is it a problem with tomcat and jrun?
>Jrun uses jdk 1.1.8 and Tomcat4 uses jdk1.3.1.
>On a other machine (128 MB RAM) only with tomcat the application runs
>thanks for help

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