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From "Andreas Probst" <>
Subject Re: The right path; in more way than one.
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 06:20:55 GMT
Hi Ed,

I'm not sure, what your question is. Let me try to answer like 
this: Tomcat will look for class files and jars in the various 
classes and libs directories. Read pathto/tomcat-doc/class-
loader-howto.html to know exactly.

You can have your application's directory anywhere, if you 
configure a context in server.xml. If you put it under webapps 
you don't have to configure a context.

For deploying your app it's probably the best to use Ant. Read 
the app developer's guide (pathto/tomcat-doc/appdev/index.html) 
to get to know best practices of the development process.

In case Tomcat complains about JAVA_HOME: In autoexec.bat it 
might be better to set the DOS 8.3 pathname. Go to e: and type 
dir to get to know the 8.3 name of jsdk1.4.0. (Something with ~)

Hope this helps.


> Hello and Help
> I need to have Tomcat working on my machine but I can't getting get the
> right path in my browser.
> So here Goes
> My System is Windows 98
> Tomcat version is 4.0.4
> My Java editor is JCreator 2.5
> jdk is 1.4
> The install directory is D:\ApacheTomcat4\
> My system directory is D:\windows
> autoexec.bat settings
>     set JAVA_HOME=E:\j2sdk1.4.0
>     set $CATALINA_HOME=D:\ApacheTomcat4
>     set  CATALINA_HOME=D:\ApacheTomcat4
> I set the port to 8088 so; http:// localhost:8088/index.html pulls up the
> splash screen, and in fact is where I got the addresses.
> Questions:
>        Is there a command or port that will get Tomcat to tell me where it
> thinks the class files will be?
>        What setting can I change to get Tomcat to look in a specific
> directory so I can tell the compiler to put the output the class file?
>         Are there any advanced tip sheets for install and configuration?
>         Please respond with all revenant information. The need is urgent.
> You have my personal Regards,
> Ed
> "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
> deserve neither liberty nor safety."
> ...Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
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