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From Kwok Peng Tuck <>
Subject Re: The right path; in more way than one.
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 01:46:12 GMT
I wrote this as a personal response to someone who had problems with the 
class path as well on the mailing list. I hope it helps you as it helped 
Make sure to read all of it.

 >>Begin email.<<

Thank you for your help. In my haste trying to install Tomcat on our 
server while my boss breathes down my neck, I never fully understood the 
purpose of WEB-INF (until now).

Thank you again!


At 08:12 AM 9/19/2002 +0800, you wrote:

> Ok. I went through the examples.
> First, make sure that you have asked it to use the correct java bean.
> You can do this by including this statement :
> <jsp:useBean id='clock' scope='page' class='dates.JspCalendar' 
> type="dates.JspCalendar" />
> You don't need to do a page import if you use the above. And that's 
> how a java bean should be used.
> Ok, the structure of the examples webapp is like this right?
> /examples
> |----------/WEB-INF
> |                      |-----/classes
> |                      |           |-----/dates
> |                      |                      |----/JspCalendar.* 
> (This is the important one).
> |                      |---- /jsp
> |                      |---- /web.xml
> |---------/servlets
> |---------/jsp
> |---------/images
> So if you wish to bring this to the another webapp, you need to make 
> sure that the dates directory and the contents of it are under 
> /[WhatEver]/WEB-INF/classes/.
> The reason why JspCalendar.* is under the directory dates, is because 
> it is part of the package dates.
> You can see this in the source of the java class.The reason why this 
> whole dates package has to go into classes is because they are not 
> jar'ed up. If  they were jar'ed up it would go into 
> /[WhatEver]/WEB-INF/lib/*.jar, You don't have to do this, the seperate 
> classes work just fine.
> If you are still running into trouble, let me know, I'll repack a 
> webapp for you to use. Shouldn't be too hard to do. ok?
> Seth Brahler wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thank you for answering my question, but I'm still a bit confused.
>> I copied the class file from webapps\examples\WEB-INF and placed it 
>> in the folder I want to use it.
>> The simple page looks like this:
>> <%@page import="JspCalendar"%>
>> Day of month: is  <jsp:getProperty name="clock" property="dayOfMonth"/>
>> and it breaks.
>> Thank you.
>> Sincerely,
>> At 07:55 AM 9/18/2002 +0800, Kwok Peng Tuck wrote:
>> You need to copy the class files to be able to use it. If it's a 
>> servlet then you should copy the definition in web.xml . Since it 
>> isn't just copy the class file from WEB-INF.

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