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From Steven Gollery <>
Subject Apache 2 and Tomcat 4
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 18:34:33 GMT
I've been trying to set up Apache 2 to work with Tomcat 4 on NT but I'm 
having problems finding documentation: everything refers to earlier 
versions or to Linux (or both). Trying to follow the directions in, I 
can't get Tomcat to generate the mod_jk.conf file: Catalina.bat 
apparently doesn't recognize the -jkconf (or jkconf) directive in Tomcat 4..

Meanwhile, is the closest I 
can come to the versions I'm trying to use, but for Linux. I've tried to 
follow these directions, but they mention, which I can't 
find for NT. Can someone point me to the location of this file, or tell 
me how to build it? Or is there some other file that is the equivalent 
on NT?

I'd really like to RTFM, but I can't find what I need. Any specific 
advice would be appreciated. Or should I just stick with earlier 
versions of Apache web server and Tomcat until docs are available?


Steven Gollery

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