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From David Jenkins <>
Subject Security question
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 04:48:12 GMT
I'm trying to retrieve the userid that logged into apache and accessed 
the current JSP page.  How can I get this info?

Explanation: I'm implementing a very crude security system on my site 
for right now (mainly to just keep people from accessing the email 
addresses and photos on the site), but I need to implement a password 
change page.  So what I did (and yes I know it's a hack 8), I 
implemented a JNI interface to call htpasswd in the background.  I'm 
trying to have an html page (that's in a secured area of course) post 
the new password to a jsp page which will in turn retrieve the logged in 
userID and call the interface class.

Any help would be appreciated,
    David J
If you only compete with yourself,
     you can always be a winner. - David Jenkins
Of course, you could always be a loser too. - Miles Thornton

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