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Subject DESPAIR : Apache NOT talking with Tomcat now...
Date Sun, 22 Sep 2002 08:33:59 GMT
Hi All.
Apache talked with Tomcat on the same box on Thu-Fri. 
Then I put Apache on one box and Tomcat on another. One slight
difference : the Tomcat box has RH7.1/Apache1.3.16 (I cannot change
that) whereas the box where I got them working has RH7.1/Apache2.
I read thru all docos from various web sites : ; ;; ; ;
I tried as recommended - nope, web page cannot be displayed !
Got inventive - nope. 
Started from scratch 3 times - nope. 
Got assurances the instructions work  - nope !
Got rid of all the Context/docBase for existing servlets to Oracle,
started from a virgin servlet.xml - nope !
Lowered all the ipchains and all the boxes are as one, can telnet, ftp,
ping , sqlplus to all, no holds barred - nope , web page cannot be
But I did manage to attach to Tomcat serving as a webserver to display a
page. I commented out that option in server.xml afterward.
Nope !
Nope !
NOTHING seems to get Apache to talk with Tomcat on different boxes.
I undersatnd people have done this before : so can u please give me the
instructions again without leaving anything out ? 
The whole weekend : NOTHING !
I guess it is just me !

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