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From shanmugampl <>
Subject Re: Regarding Resources across contexts
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 04:24:25 GMT
All my jar files are in the CATALINA_HOME/common/lib directory. The 
problem is in putting the TLD files in position.Say i have two contexts 
A and B. In both i use the same set of tags. Currently i have the tld 
files in both the contexts and the corresponding uri mapping in the 
web.xml file present in the context.  The way i would like to have this 
is such that i have my tld files at only one place (in A or B or at a 
common place) and access it in both the contexts. Is there a  way to do 
this.We have a global web.xml file in tomcat. Can i add my uri mapping 
there. If yes to which context will the mapping be resolved. Are there 
other ways by which i can achieve this


Miguel Angel Mulero Martinez wrote:

>The common files to all applications must be at CATALINA_HOME/lib
>-----Mensaje original-----
>De: shanmugampl []
>Enviado el: jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2002 14:14
>Asunto: Regarding Resources across contexts
>Dear All,
>    I am using Tomcat 4.1.10. I am in the process of developing jsp
>pages using custom tags. For this i have copied the required jars into
>my application context and put the tld files in the META-INF directory.
>Everything works fine. Similar to this application I have other
>applications that use the same custom tags. The problem here is i have
>to duplicate the tld files and the jar files in all my applications. I
>have moved the jar files to the <Tomcat_home>/common/lib/ directory to
>avoid duplication. Is there a way by which i can have my tld files at a
>common place and access it across my context/application?. Can i have my
>tld files in one of the context and give the corresponding mapping in
>the web.xml file present in the <Tomcat_Home>/conf/web.xml and use this
>mapping across all contexts?. If yes can any one suggest the way to
>achieve it.
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