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From John Holman <>
Subject Re: JNDIRealm and upper and lower case username
Date Mon, 16 Sep 2002 22:00:51 GMT
I think this is really a directory issue. Many LDAP attributes (e.g. 
uid, cn, ou, c) are defined by the relevant LDAP schema to be 
case-insensitive. For example, uid=rune,o=mycompany and 
uid=Rune,o=mycompany are just two ways of representing the same 
distinguished name; a search for uid=Rune will find the same entries as 
one for uid=rune.

In theory, you could choose an LDAP attribute that is case-sensitive to 
hold the username (you might have to define a suitable attribute). 
However, note that with OpenLDAP 2.0.x the matching rule for attributes 
values is ignored when comparing DNs, so that probably still won't work. 
This problem is said to be fixed in 2.1.x.


Rune Hamnvik wrote:
> Hello
> We are using JNDIRealm together with OpenLDAP to implement
> authentication/authorization on Tomcat 4.0.4. But, we have one problem.
> JNDIRealm seems to ignore case in the username. A user with username rune
> can log in with both rune and Rune, but we use the username of the logged in
> user several other places. For instance, we use the remote user to connect
> to a POP3 server and to search i a database.
> Is it possible to configure the JNDIRealm to not ignore case in the
> username, or do we have to live with it ?
> Rune Hamnvik
> Mobinor AS
> Norway
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