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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject tomcat 4.1.10 rpm available
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 10:48:08 GMT
At the usual location :


Tomcat 4 RPM info

the RPM will be named tomcat4 to allow coexistence
with the actual tomcat 3.x RPM (3.2.x and 3.3)

Here is the release notes for the tomcat4.0.x RPM builds.

o Starting with Tomcat 4.1.9, there is 3 differents kind
   of rpm for tomcat4, following the 2 Tomcat 4 packages
   available at and one in respect of
   rpm policies, ie requiring external package to be installed.


    This version is a minimal Tomcat 4.0 release with
    no support for javamail, tyrex extensions.

    So it didn't include activation, javamail, jdbc2ext,
    or tyrex.

    To meet RPM packaging policies, some required packages
    like jakarta-regexp 1.2, servlet API 2.3 and an XML parser
    (ie xerces 1.44), will be linked in tomcat4 directories at
    install time and as such, should be present in system before


    This version include full support for javamail, jndi and
    tyrex datasources.

    The rpm include activation.jar, javamail.jar, jdbc2ext and
    tyrex 1.0
    The rpm also include jndi.jar for JDK 1.2.

    It also include jakarta-regexp 1.2 and servlet 2.3 APIs,
    and xerces 2.1.0


     This version include only tomcat stuff, and require many
     external rpm packages, could you find at JPackage site, :

	ant >= 1.5
	jakarta-commons-beanutils >= 1.4.1
	jakarta-commons-collections >= 2.0
	jakarta-commons-digester >= 1.3
	jakarta-commons-logging >= 1.0.1
	jakarta-commons-pool >= 1.0.1
	jaf >= 1.0.1 (activation)
	javamail-monolithic >= 1.3
	jaxp_parser_impl (ie xerces-j2 2.0.2)
	jdbc-stdext >= 2.0
	jndi >= 1.2.1
	jta >= 1.0.1
	mx4j >= 1.1
	regexp = 1.2
	servletapi4 >= 4.0.4
	tyrex = 1.0

o SSL support

    SSL support is compiled in, but due to crypto regulation, JSSE
    jars are not distributed with either version of Tomcat 4 rpm.
    To make use of SSL, you should have JDK 1.4 or JSSE 1.0.3
    jars in CLASSPATH, or in server/lib.

   If you have JSSE jars on your system, jcert.jar, jsse.jar,
   jnet.jar, just define JSSE_HOME in /etc/tomcat4/conf/tomcat4.conf
   those JAR files will be added to thei system class path.

o FHS layout

   Starting with Tomcat 4.O.4, rpm is more FHS compliant,
   configuration is on /etc/tomcat4/conf, log goes in
   /var/log/tomcat4, run files in /var/cache/tomcat4/work and
   temp files in /var/cache/tomcat4/temp.
   To make Tomcat 4 works, symlinks are made between real
   FHS location and basedir, /var/tomcat4, location

o Java SDK used

   Starting with Tomcat 4.O.4 rpm release 2, SDK used is
   no more set by default to the IBM SDK 1.3.1 rpm location.
   You'll have to create a /etc/java/java.conf and set at least
   JAVA_HOME is it, ie :

- /etc/java/java.conf -
# Where your java installation lives
# examples
# Sun SDK 1.4.0_01 rpm
# JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/j2sdk1.4.0_01
# Sun SDK 1.3.1_03 rpm
# JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.3.1_03
# IBM SDK 1.3.1 rpm

o Tomcat 4 configuration

   A configuration file /etc/tomcat4/tomcat4.conf is loaded
   before Tomcat or Jasper start and could be used to tuned JVM

o Tomcat 4 / Jasper 4 invocation

   Tomcat 4.0 invoker script is tomcat4, Jasper 4.0 is jasper4
   Take a look at /etc/tomcat4/tomcat4.conf for tuning

o Running mode

   For security purposes tomcat4 will run as user tomcat4, which
   will be created by rpm at install time. Warning this user
   should have a login shell to be able to use the su exec command
   logs, work, temp and webapps are now owned by tomcat4:tomcat4
   user at rpm install time

o Listen ports

   Starting with Tomcat 4.0.4, Tomcat 4.0 will listen on standard ports,
   ie port 8080 (HTTP 1.1), 8081 (HTTP 1.0), 8443 (HTTP SSL), 8009 (AJP13),
   8008 (WARP).

   To avoid collision with running TC 3.x, you could use the 
   command which will change these ports to 8180, 8181, 8453 and 8109.

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