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From John Moore <>
Subject Killing Apache Processes Connected to Tomcat via mod_jk (Ajp13)
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 01:36:30 GMT
TC Users:

I have a big production problem that I'm hoping someone in the group can 
address.  Running Apache 1.3.26/mod_ssl with  Tomcat 4.0.4 and mod_jk 
connector (4.0.4) on Sun Sparc servers.   I have processes in apache 
which get stuck in a 'W' state for days while processing a servlet 
request through Tomcat.    This is intermittent, although seem to be 
tied to database access over a WAN and availability (which I have zero 
control).   These processes are killed with kill -3 <pid>.   Now for the 

We have had two reported occurrences in two days where one person logs 
in and gets a page back for someone else and one other a about month 
ago.  I am trying to determine if killing the apache pids could leave 
the Tomcat Ajp socket open to return its content to the next person that 
connects.    Besides having cache-control and pragma statements, all 
tranmission is via SSL upon hitting the login page so I'm betting 
against any external cache.

If someone knows the ins and outs of the Ajp13 connector and tomcat who 
can address this I am eternally grateful.   Trying to reproduce has been 
difficult and looking for any support before diving into the code.

John Moore

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