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From randie ursal <>
Subject Re: session timeout on Tomcat
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 00:22:26 GMT
i tried it between two computers..the same behavior happen.

actually each browser has unique session ids because i print it every 
time a new session has been

also, i made some more investigation and testing and i found out that 
session expiration depends on
Tomcat startup time...ex. if Tomcat starts at 1:10 mins. then if you 
have a new session that starts
at 1:20 with duration of 20 secs., suppose to be it should stop at 1:40 
but it would continue
until 2:10. so, if you have another session between server startup take 
for example at 1:30 this
would be included on the session expiration when it reaches the next 
minute of server startup.

they said it has to do with this true? are there some 
detail documentation i need to
read in order to be familiar with Tomcat on how it handles session timeout?

thanks a lot.

David Mossakowski wrote:

> Your browsers shared the session which is what the session id being 
> the same suggests.  Use two physicly separate computers (KVM switch 
> ok) to do the same test to be absolutely sure that this is still 
> happening (it won't :)
> d.
> randie ursal wrote:
>> hi,
>>  could somebody explain to me what possibly went wrong about my 
>> application.
>>  what i did was, i set the maxInactiveIinterval time for 30 secs. on 
>> my servlet then i added
>>  to my HttpSession object  an object that implements 
>> HttpSessionBindingListener so that i can
>>  keep track and see what happen when session expires. this scenario 
>> works fine, my session
>>  was invalidated after session timeout and the sessionlistener was 
>> notified.
>>  my problem is when i access my web application by using two browsers 
>> and let the
>>  1st browser remain idle until session expires.  the 2nd browser 
>> session also expires
>>  when 1st browser session expires
>>   i can say this because it put a trace line on valueUnbound of the 
>> sessionlistener object
>>  and two session id were displayed this was the session of both browser.
>>  what went wrong with this?
>>  i'm using Tomcat 4.0
>> thanks a lot
>> randie

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