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From Martin Jacobson <>
Subject Re: form-login-config
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 07:13:38 GMT
Richard Chamberlain wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> We do have it on pretty much every page. Once the user is logged the
> form gets replaced with a kind of member control panel.
> If you look at they do a similar thing with a member login
> on each page in the right column - it's doesn't take up too much real
> estate.
> When I figured out how the form-login-config worked I realised I could
> of course do it like you were suggesting, however I really would like
> to get it working as is ideally - as that's how the html designed it.
> Any other suggestions?

Hmm, tricky. Let's imagine that your login form posts to the member home 
page. Then, tomcat would re-direct to your login servlet. If this 
servlet had access to the user id & password fields already posted, then 
you could simply pass them directly on to j_security_check. The trouble 
is, I don't know whether this information is available, nor how you 
might access it, and I don't have time to RTFM for you. :-)
If that doesn't work, then I suggest you write a filter that goes in 
front of every member page; this would either check that the user had 
already logged in, or would validate the login parameters.


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