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From Rafael Angarita <>
Subject Problem with apache and tomcat
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 21:19:24 GMT
    Hi, I'm having a problem with tomcat and apache,  the main symptom 
is  apache  gets too slow and  the website   does not respond almost any 
request. It looks like tomcat is not responding fast enough the  apache 
requests or  tomcat  is not closing the sockets (that's why they appear 
in  IDLE state)

    What I see:
    - Apache gets its MaxClients  number
    - A lot of sockets between  apache and tomcat  are in "IDLE" state. 
The socket between the http process and the client is closed
    - The number of threads  in  tomcat are increasing  reaching 
sometimes the max configured (it's two times the MaxClients in apache)
    - The java's heap is not reaching its  upper limit
    - There's no memory need (scan rate keeps under 50)
    - There's not CPU problem (run queue keeps under 1)
    - If I increase the number of apache MaxClients, the number of http 
process reach that limit  and  most of them  turns into IDLE state.

    The environment:
    - Apache 1.3.26
    - Tomcat 3.2.4  (using ajp12 I switched to ajp13 and it was no changes)
    - Solaris 8

  Any suggestion will be  appreciated,

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