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From "Alex Kachanov" <>
Subject HA: JDBC Realm - changing password
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 09:44:13 GMT
It looks as it is not working.
I log into protected area as nnnn/mmmmm
Then logout.
Close all browser windows
Change the password to "qqqqqq"
Launch new browser 
Open the protected area
Still nnnn/mmmmm is valid combination but nnnn/qqqqqq is not.
Restart Tomcat
Launch new browser 
Open the protected area
nnnn/qqqqqq is now a valid login combination
Using Tomcat 4.0.4 English
Tried both MemoryRealm and JDBCRealm
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От: David Cassidy [] 
Отправлено: Вт 03.09.2002 18:08 
Кому: Tomcat Users List 
Тема: Re: JDBC Realm - changing password

	to quote ...
	    * Once a user has been authenticated, the user (and his or her
	      associated roles) are cached within Tomcat for the duration of the
	      user's login. (For FORM-based authentication, that means until the
	      session times out or is invalidated; for BASIC authentication,
	      that means until the user closes their browser). Any changes to
	      the database information for an already authenticated user will
	      *not* be reflected until the next time that user logs on again.
	has this user 'logged out' / had their session invalidated ?
	Very interrested as I want to use this myself and if things like pw
	change don't work then ....
	Let us know
	Alex Kachanov wrote:
	>OK, a user wants to change his password for the Tomcat protected folder.
	>The protection is done using JDBCRealm (or MemoryRealm).
	>The password is changed using a special servlet.
	>OK, password is changed in the database, BUT,
	>you have to restrat Tomcat or restart the context to make new password working!
	>That's sad, unless I'm missing something.
	>with best wishes
	>Alexander Kachanov
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