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From "Dave Robbins" <>
Subject Re: war file deployment problem
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 18:07:36 GMT
Thanks a million for the quick feedback
I've got things working now
Once you see how this works it's pretty easy, but I must say getting here 
was kinda tuff
maybe when I get a little further along I'll make up a little tutorial 

how to tie your shoes
before you learn to walk
before you learn to run

Thanx Again

> You are confusing Tomcat.  If you are going to dynamically deploy your
> webapp, don't have the .war file sitting in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps.  Have
> it somewhere else.  Everything in $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps is automatically
> deployed and, yes, it is expanded if you *don't* have a Context entry
> defined for that webapp.
> when you install like you are, there is already a webapp defined for
> the path you are specifying.  Now you install another webapp under the
> same name.  I don't know how Tomcat handles this situation, but it
> looks as if it hoses the webapp entry.  Make sure to name your webapps
> uniquely and don't put any .war files or expanded directories that you
> plan on dynamically installing through the manager in Tomcat's default
> auto-deploy directory (webapps).
> Jake
> Quoting Dave Robbins <>:
>> Hello All,
>> kindof a newbie here so be gentle
>> I wrote a little dummy app with Forte 4.0 that consists of a jsp page
>> with  a link that calls a servlet which does a database lookup and
>> spews out some
>> data. It works fine with the built in copy of Tomcat that comes with
>> Forte. I build a war file and try to deploy it on another machine with
>> Tomcat  4.0.4 on it. I put my file dummy.war in the
>> $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/dummy  dir and use this command from a browser
>> http://localhost:8080/manager/install?
>> path=/dummy&war=jar:file:$CATALINA_HOME/webapps/dummy/dummy.war!/
>> now the command
>> http://localhost:8080/manager/install
>> tells me that my app is running, but when I try to access it with
>> http://localhost/dummy or http://localhost/dummy/index.jsp it says the
>>  resource is not available. I kinda thought Tomcat could access the
>> war file
>> in it's bundled state but after reading the docs I got the impression
>> the  manager app was gonna expand it, is that true? In my case the
>> file wasn't  expanded. After some head scratching I figured I'd
>> manually expand the war  file in the $CATALINA_HOME/ROOT dir. After
>> doing that and restarting Tomcat
>> everything works fine with http://localhost/index.jsp.
>> So, let me ask a few questions
>> 1) What does the manager app do
>> does it modify $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml
>> should it expand the war file
>> 2)If I'm gonna deploy multiple apps, what's the typical dir structure
>> could i deploy an app outside the Tomcat dir structure (ie
>> /home/mydir)
>> 3)Is this the correct flow of things
>> Tomcat starts up and reads $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml and now
>> knows  about the apps that are installed and what path they're mapped
>> to. when a  client tries to access an app, Tomcat goes and looks in
>> the jar file and  reads web.xml to discover what all is in the war
>> file. Within the war file  any static content goes in the WEB-INF dir,
>> class files go in WEB- INF/classes and .jar files goe in WEB-INF/lib
>> hep me, hep me
>> Dave    
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