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From "Richard Chamberlain" <>
Subject Re: form-login-config
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 15:41:18 GMT
Hi Martin,

> Do you mean that you actually have the login form embedded in every 
> public page? Doesn't that clutter up your pages unnecessarily?
> What I do is to have a "Login" button on every public page. The login 
> button sends the user to the "private" home page. Since this is subject 
> to a security restriction, the user is diverted to a login page first. 
> Once logged in, he is automagically redirected to the "private" home
> page.
> This works well!
> HTH,
> Martin

We do have it on pretty much every page. Once the user is logged the
form gets replaced with a kind of member control panel.

If you look at they do a similar thing with a member login
on each page in the right column - it's doesn't take up too much real

When I figured out how the form-login-config worked I realised I could
of course do it like you were suggesting, however I really would like
to get it working as is ideally - as that's how the html designed it.

Any other suggestions?


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