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From "Daniel Kehoe" <>
Subject Re: deploying war file and "Document base ... does not exist"
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 06:07:31 GMT
On Sun, 01 Sep 2002 04:09:52 -0500, "Jacob Kjome" <> said:
> Don't put your app inside $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps and use the install
> or deploy task to dynamically deploy your app.  This can be done through
> the ant tasks using something like....
> <install
>              url="${manager.url}"
>              username="${manager.username}"
>              password="${manager.password}"
>              path="${app.path}"
>              war="file://${build.home}/WEB-INF/myapp.xml" />
> myapp.xml would have a <Context .... docBase="../"> or something like
> that pointing to the base of the webapp.  Note that I have *not* gotten this
> to work on Windows...
> if you get it to work on Windows, please tell me which version of
> Tomcat you succeeded on and describe what you did to make it work.


Here's what works for me under Windows with TC4.1.9b (in my ant
build.xml file). I have to point the war attribute to an exploded war
directory (not a war file) or else I can't reload. I'm happy with this
for development purposes. For permanent deployment, they've got to copy
the myapp.war file and myapp.xml file into the webapps directory.
There's no "deploy" action in the Tomcat Web App Manager.

<target name="install" depends="compile"
description="Install application to servlet container">
<!-- The myapp.xml file is where the container-managed 
	data sources are specified -->
<!-- The war attribute points to the build directory,
	not an actual war file! -->
<install url="${manager.url}"
<!-- You can't "reload" if you install a war file like this:


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