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From Joe Schiavone <>
Subject Re: How does Tomcat and/or servlets handle HTTP chunked reads?
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 11:55:13 GMT
Saw your post on tomcat list.  Im gettin ready to do similiar
activity.  I wanna do imagemaping, some of which include
pdf files.  
Im using Tomcat 4.1.7 standalone - no apache httpd.  I had
some pages that used imagemaps and found that they dont
seem to work with the coyote http in Standalone Tomcat.
The map file works great under apache httpd, but doesnt
seem to wanna work with Tomcat.  I have a montage of
images that I used mapedit to create map file for coordinates
and then when user clicks coordinate in montage, the image
is supposed to get exploded to full screen image.  I have
seen some postings that indicate a combination of jsp and
bean is needed to accomplish this under Tomcat.  
???  Have you been able to get pdf files???  Im sure
the process will have some similarities with my task.

>I'm just curious how Tomcat handles HTTP requests that only want a portion
>of the content. I'm specifically interested in things like PDF files, which
>is the most common client of chunked data.
>I suppose its solely up to the Servlet to figure out that the request wants
>a chunk of data (from the request headers) and return the appropriate bits
>(and status code), correct?
>Has anyone played with this at all?
>We're getting ready to put some Filters in front of some PDFs, and this
>little detail caught my eye. We haven't actually tried anything yet. Just
>wondering what others experiences were regarding chunked reads.
>Will Hartung
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