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From Miguel Marques <>
Subject Persistent FileStore with multiple servers...
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 20:52:55 GMT

I'm new to Tomcat and I'm unsure whether or not this is possible.
I have the setup described in 'Apache 1.3.23 + Tomcat 4.0.2 + Load
Balancing' ( in mind.
This involves using mod_jk to redirect users to different tomcat
servers but making sure the same session is always forwarded to the
same server.

However if a Tomcat server crashes or is shutdown I would like user's
to be automatically redirected to the other server *with* their
sessions intact.
Can I achieve this by specifying the same directory in the <Store>
element for a Persistent Manager configuration in both Tomcat servers?
This assumes that session ids are always distinct between Tomcat
servers running in the same machine and there are no other gotchas I
haven't thought of.
Any comments/helpful suggestions greatly appreciated.


C. Miguel Marques, Development Services, Computing and Network Services, York University
e-mail:, voice: (416)736-2100x22684, fax: (416)736-5830

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