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From Erick Todd <>
Subject Making a context global
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 20:06:15 GMT
Sorry this is going to seem stupid, and it is but . . .

Back when we first installed tomcat (3.0) we only used the webapps
folder because we couldn't get virtual hosting to work.

Now of course I can, but I still have several webapps that were done
using the ajp auto apache-conf generator thing.  Anyway long story
short, the virtual hosts was done in apache and all of these webapps
were mounted across all virtualhosts.  While I am trying to eliminate
this, I can't for a while.  And unfortunately some use different domains
to access the same webapp.  Bad idea I know, but it was all I could get
working a few years ago.  And now that I am going to tomcat 4, here is
my question . . .

QUESTION: Is there an easy way to make a webapp available on a context
across all hosts (short up putting each webapp's contex in every host
tag in the server.xml)?

Basically a global context to span the whole server regardless of host. 
Kind of like you could set up 1 cgi-bin for multiple virtual hosts in



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