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From Dennis Muhlestein <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.10 and symbolic links (linux)
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 14:12:34 GMT
I've found many references to this problem on the list and in mail
archives but none had to do with my situation and I don't know how to
fix this.

Because we have used other web containers in the past, our WEB-INF
folder is not located in the root of the webapp.  We have a symbolic
link.  The directory structure looks like this.

ROOT/docs  (jsp images etc)

There are sym links to make this work with tomcat.

ROOT/WEB-INF/classes-> ../classes
ROOT/WEB-INF/lib-> ../jars

This all worked fine with tomcat 4.0.4 but now with 4.1.10 I can't get
it to recognize the web.xml  I get the following:

ContextConfig[]: Missing application web.xml, using defaults only

If I remove the sym links and copy the data to the correct location,
things start up, the web.xml is found.

Is it just symbolic links in general or is there something I'm missing.
Thanks for any input.


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