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From "Dave Robbins" <>
Subject relative path/context problem
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:37:09 GMT
Hello All,

I'm seeing some really odd behaviour, I hope someone can tell me what i'm 
doing wrong. I've written some jsp/servlet code with Forte 4.0, created a 
war file and deployed it on Tomcat 4.0.4. ( I deployed it by putting the 
war file in the webapps dir and restarting Tomcat) The war file was 
my_stuff.war so the url is 


That works fine. As I started developing a little code I got to a point I 
wanted a link back to the entry of the site, I thought

<a href="/index.jsp">Back to Top</a>

would do the job. But this link pointed to

I was confused so to simplify things I went back to index.jsp and put a 
link to itself in the file. When you mouse over the link, the address it 
point to is


Shouldn't Tomcat be prepending


onto any link I specify like this

<a href="/somefile.jsp">My Link</a>

I'm playing around with what's called a model 2 architecture where a jsp 
page calls a servlet which does some data processing and then forwards the 
request to another jsp page and I'm not having any trouble with path's when 
I forward the request, just with links in the jsp pages.

what's really maddening is that in playing around with this I've seen it 
work correctly and seen it fail. Obviously I'm doing something boneheaded, 
any ideas??


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