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From "Dave Small" <>
Subject How can I best extend WebdavServlet?
Date Sat, 21 Sep 2002 11:35:07 GMT
Hi all.

I'm new to Tomcat4, although I've been using Tomcat3 for over two years. A
major difference appears to be the classloader mechanism, which I'm having
trouble getting to grips with. This leads to my question:

Is it possible to write a class that extends the Tomcat4 WebdavServlet? If I
try the obvious 'MyWebdavServlet extends WebdavServlet' in my own package, I
get a ClassDefNotFound for org/apache/catalina/servlets/WebdavServlet when I
try to call it. I guess this is something to do with the classloader,
because if I put the same MyWebdavServlet into the
org.apache.catalina.servlets package (which I know is a dodgy thing to do)
and put that class under tomcat/server/classes, all works well...

Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Has anyone written a class in their own
package that extends WebdavServlet?

Dave Small

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