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From Jocelyn Paine <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0.4 under Windows NT crashes: "memory cannot be read"
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 06:59:45 GMT
I'm using Tomcat for Java and JSP in a large server-side application under
NT4. Most of it works fine, but in a few parts of the application, Tomcat
  Application Error. The instruction at "<memory address>"
  referenced memory at "<memory address>". The memory cannot be read.

This error is semi-repeatable. It only shows up in some parts of the
application, but not every time, even though I take exactly the same path
through the application after starting Tomcat. It never happens
immediately after starting the app., but only when I reach one particular
part: but as I've said, it doesn't always happen, even with identical
inputs. Perhaps it shows up one time in 5.

The Java code itself is OK: it has run fine on the same machine under New
Atlanta's ServletExec servlet engine, and under various flavours of Linux
using the JRun servlet engine. On one ISP, it has run for a year and a
half without any crashes.

The crash also happens - same version of Tomcat - on a colleague's Windows
XP machine, and shows the same semi-repeatability. Lest anybody suggest
it's an out-of-memory error, this machine has at least 128 MB (don't know
exactly) against my 64MB. The part of the application that sometimes
crashes is not generating any large objects.

Any developers lurking here? I'd like to use Tomcat, but dare not if it is
going to fail with this kind of random error. What puzzles me is this
semi-repeatability - why, if the fault is only provoked in specific parts
of the application, does it not happen every time? I've not found any
other reports of such crashes in the mail archives.

My system: Tomcat 4.0.4 is running stand-alone on Windows NT 4 (service
pack 3); starting it by invoking Tomcat's startup.bat from a DOS window.
My Java is Sun's "Classic VM (build JDK-1.2-V, native threads)". Machine
is a 64 MB Dell Latitude.

My colleague's system is a new Sony Vaio running Windows XP, same version
of Tomcat, also a Sun JVM but probably a slightly newer one. Tomcat
running as a service.

This probably isn't relevant, but on both systems, the web browser is also
running on the same machine, using loopback to connect to the server.

I've not been able to get any info about the error from Tomcat's logs, or
from the DOS window in which I started it.

Jocelyn Paine
+44 (0)7768 534 091 

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