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From adam kramer <>
Subject Re: JSPC Precompiling Issues and a handy utility
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 18:53:42 GMT

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Irina Lishchenko wrote:
> This is not the answer but most likely a question, which came in my head
> while I was reading. AFAIK a running server (and server which does not serve
> developers' needs) compiling is made only one time when the server gets the
> request for a certain jsp page. After this compiling each following request
> is served by the server without recompiling (in the case the time of last
> modification of this jsp file is not changed) so javac is not called each
> time when the server gets a request for this page and as follows it does not
> have an influence on the speed of serving user's requests. Do I understand
> something wrong?

  You are correct. After the first request for a page, the JSP page has
been precompiled to a servlet (.java) and that servlet has been compiled
to a java class (.class) by the java compiler. After that, it will not
have to be compiled again (unless you force the reloadable attribute in
your context).
  The problem that was asked about wasn't regarding performance issues but
an issue with the javac compiler. It leaks memory everytime you compile a
JSP page and if you have a large amount of JSPs to be compiled or will be
compiled over time (without restarting the server), it could eventually
cause an out of memory error.

 -adam k.

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