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Subject Re: Login problem with reverse proxy
Date Fri, 09 Aug 2002 09:46:36 GMT
                    Barney Hamish                                                        
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                    09/08/2002 11.32             Subject:     Login problem with reverse proxy
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                    "Tomcat Users List"                                                  

I'm using tomcat 3.2 with form based login and an apache reverse proxy to
filter requests to the webserver. When tomcat issues the redirect to the
login page the users are sent directly to the webserver not the reverse
proxy. As the webserver is not directly accessable they are unable to
request the log-in page. Is anyone aware of a way I can configure tomcat
or the reverse proxy to make this set-up work?

More info:

Reverse Proxy
----Private Net----
Webserver (with Tomcat)

When a request for a secure resource is sent to the reverse proxy, it
forwards that request to the webserver. If the user is not logged-in tomcat
tries to redirect the user to the login form. In that redirect Tomcat
apparently includes the IP address of the server upon which it is currently
residing. The reverse proxy forwards the webserver's response to the
When the client tries to request the log-in page from the directly from the
webserver it is unable to reach the webserver.


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