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Subject Re: DB2/servlet error....Help need please
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 19:16:09 GMT

Thanks Michael and John for your suggestions...
I have got success in running many of my applications on Tomcat and DB2
but this problem seems to be taking bit more of time...
Sorry about posting questions about IBM products...but in the end I am
Tomcat to run these...

Hope You will understand...

Nishant Awasthi

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Subject: RE: DB2/servlet error....Help need please

> I am trying to access servlet via Tomcat as well as WebSphere...
> If it runs with one it will run with other too...

yes, it will, because they both implement the spec; but I think John was
just pointing out the irony of using the Tomcat support infrastructure to
prop up IBM's product...

I'd say visit the IBM site and read all their documentation from the top

Tomcat isn't the issue here. And if a complete fresh install of both
drivers and server didn't fix the issues and unless there is a DB2-JDBC
expert lurking here ....

I know you've been pulling your hair out for the past few days.
Is it possible for you can switch to another database?


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