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From "Sexton, George" <>
Subject RE: Arabic content
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 19:59:56 GMT
I have done Hebrew before, and it's pretty much the same problem.

The major issue is that you have content that is Right to left, and content
that is left to right. Since it is a single-byte language, you don't have to
use Unicode, you just have to set the code-page to the right value.

RTL support is getting better. Last I checked (a few months ago), IE was the
only one that supported it fully. Mozilla does support it, but when you have
LTR text embedded inside the page (Company names, English Names, Numerals,
etc), the rendering engine doesn't handle it. So, you are pretty much going
to be limited to IE as a client. If you are using graphics, particularly
things like pointy arrows, they will be pointing the wrong way when you set
the DIR=RTL attribute for the body.

Plan on this being difficult and taking a long time...

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From: Laurent FĂ©ral-Pierssens []
Sent: 19 August, 2002 1:26 PM
Subject: Arabic content


We have been realizing web applications for the last 2 years using
Tomcat. Last week, one of our clients asked us if we could provide a
multilingual application that would contain English, French and Arabic

My questions are vague for now. Did anyone actually produced an
application with Arabic content? What should we have to take in
consideration in our design and development? What are the risks and
traps to avoid while coding such webapp? Is there a problem with
displaying such information under Tomcat? storing it in MySQL?

Those questions may actually be out of context for Tomcat. But your
opinion would be much appreciated.



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