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From "Jerry Birchler" <>
Subject RE: integrating tomcat 4.04 into iplanet 4.1 using nsapi_redirector on linux
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 04:47:43 GMT
1. Changing my to the FQDN did not help.
2. as per my write up, I talk about the differences of JSP in Netscape's doc
root and Tomcat's doc root and how they behave differently. I'm not sure
that this demonstrates a true redirect or how I could know if it does. I do
have ethereal (packet sniffer similar to snoop on solaris) downloaded, but I
am not sure what to look for. I did not see port 8009 being used. So, this
may the the culprit. I'm not sure what to do about it. So, I agree it must
be the obj.conf file. I have tried all sorts of things there. Here is my
latest version, and BTW, I have had no problems integrating tomcat 4.0.4
with Apache on linux:

# Sun Netscape Alliance - obj.conf
# You can edit this file, but comments and formatting changes
# might be lost when the admin server makes changes.

Init fn="flex-init"
format.access="%Ses->client.ip% - %Req->vars.auth-user% [%SYSDATE%]
\"%Req->reqpb.clf-request%\" %Req->srvhdrs.clf-status%
Init fn="load-types" mime-types="mime.types"
Init fn="load-modules"
Init fn="php4_init" errorString="Failed to initialise PHP!"
Init fn="load-modules" funcs="jk_init,jk_service"
Init fn="jk_init" worker_file="/opt/tomcat/conf/jk/"
log_level="debug" log_file="/opt/tomcat/nsapi.log"

<Object name="default">
NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" from="/ns-icons" dir="/opt/netscape/server4/ns-icons"
NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" from="/mc-icons" dir="/opt/netscape/server4/ns-icons"
NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" from="/manual"
dir="/opt/netscape/server4/manual/https" name="es-internal"
NameTrans fn="pfx2dir" from="/examples" dir="/opt/tomcat/webapps/examples"
NameTrans fn="document-root" root="/opt/netscape/server4/docs"
NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="/servlet/*" name="Mservlet"
NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="/examples/*" name="Mservlet"
NameTrans fn="assign-name" from="*.jsp" name="Mservlet"
PathCheck fn="unix-uri-clean"
PathCheck fn="check-acl" acl="default"
PathCheck fn="find-pathinfo"
PathCheck fn="find-index" index-names="index.html,home.html"
ObjectType fn="type-by-extension"
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="text/plain"
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="magnus-internal/imagemap" fn="imagemap"
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="magnus-internal/directory"
Service fn="send-cgi" type="magnus-internal/cgi"
Service method="(GET|HEAD)" type="*~magnus-internal/*" fn="send-file"
Service fn="php4_execute" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php"
Service fn="jk_service" type="text/plain" worker="ajp13"
AddLog fn="flex-log" name="access"

<Object name="cgi">
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal/cgi"
Service fn="send-cgi"

<Object name="ServletByExt">
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="text/plain"
Service fn="jk_service" worker="ajp13"

<Object name="es-internal">
PathCheck fn="check-acl" acl="es-internal"

<Object name="Mservlet"
ObjectType fn="force-type" type="text/plain"
Service fn="jk_service" worker="ajp13"

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