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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject RE: Poolmam vs. Tomcat's JNDI (DBCP, Pool)
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:46:57 GMT
Note: the tomcat JNDI binding support is not specific to connection
pooling.  You can do a lot more (and most people do a lot less ;)) with
JNDI.  It's a generic mechanism.

What you probably meant is how does PoolMan compare to commons-dbcp,
which is the connection pooling implementation used in tomcat 4.1.x.  As
for that, I can't help much ;)  I only used a really old version of
PoolMan a long time ago, and it was fine.  I use DBCP now, and it's
fine.  A possible trump card for me is that development on DBCP is
active and ongoing, whereas PoolMan is pretty much done.

Yoav Shapira
Millennium ChemInformatics

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>From: neal []
>Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 12:10 AM
>To: Tomcat Users List
>Subject: Poolmam vs. Tomcat's JNDI (DBCP, Pool)
>Do you guys prefer Tomcat JNDI over PoolMan?
>It is looking like (from the multiple installs and the significant
>configuration details) that Poolman is a lot easier to setup and use
>Tomcat's JNDI option.  Anyone have an opinion?
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