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From Stephan Orme <>
Subject Re: Getting mod_webapp - should I give up?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:11:17 GMT
I had a very similar experience and came to the the same conclusion though I
was using Tomcat 4.04. This is why I've been trying to get CGI's under
Tomcat standalone to work, unfortunately I haven't been able to find out any
information on this anywhere. (And if YOU know something I'd appreciate
hearing of it! - see my earlier post titled: 'Do included CGI's work with
Tomcat' the problem seems to be that you Tomcat doesn't process included

> As far as I can see, mod_webapp was designed to be an easier to setup way of
> integrating apache and tomcat and it succeeds in this on windows for apache
> 1.3 and tomcat 4.0x.  However, it will serve all content from a directory
> you configure it for from tomcat whereas mod_jk* will leave html, jpg, gif
> etc to Apache.  The way round this is to have your pics and static pages in
> a different location that is served by Apache alone and referenced as
> /static/xxx or similar but this then loses the convenience of a single war
> file containing everything needed for the application (it can even include a
> mod_jk conf file which can help with mapping servlets without the need for
> the ugly /servlet/servlet_name of the auto-created jk conf filers of tomcat
> 3)
> Worse than the above, I have found that large requests or frequent requests
> or just at random cause tomcat to give an error about the client terminating
> or some such and hang.  With mod_jk this doesn't happen (or with tomcat
> standalone).

> So, nobody can help me to build mod_webapp, and there is no rpm of it to
> download. Does this just mean that it can't be built?
> I don't remember where I read that mod_webapp was the "correct" way to
> integrate Apache2 and Tomcat4. The documentation is a bit fragmented.
> Is mod_jk* the true way to do this? If so, could someone give me a URL
> to a definitive page that says this and how to get/build it?
> I just want to integrate Apache2 and tomcat4, not do anything special.
> About a year ago I did successfully integrate Apache1 and tomcat, but I
> haven't worked with tomcat since then.
> On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 17:20, Murray Cumming wrote:
>> OK, so if I had read README.txt properly then I would know that I need
>> to do a cvs checkout of apr into the webapp directory.
>> It tells me to copy and modify a file, but there
>> is no such file there, so I ignored that.
>> As instructed, I then ran
>> support/
>> This creates a configure script, which I am tempted to run, but the next
>> step tells me to run ant. I did that, and I still this error:
> file:/home/murrayc/jakarta-tomcat-connectors-4.0.4-src/webapp/build.xml:105:
> Cannot find Tomcat 4.0 classes
>> So, how do I tell it where to find these tomcat classes? I have already
>> installed jakarta-tomcat-4 from here:

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