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From Thomas Cherry <>
Subject Re: RE: Apache-tomcat integration
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 19:33:16 GMT
Here is my server.xml file.  As far as I know it's stock.  For bandwidth
reasons I striped all the comments and included it as an attachment.

As an update, I do get tomcat on port 8180.

on 08/01/2002 1:41 PM, at wrote:

> The WARP connector can't bind to its socket.  The default WARP connector
> socket is 8008.  Is there something else on that socket?  Another connector?
> Which connector do you want to use?  Tomcat binds up both the AJP and WARP
> socket by default, but which connector have you chosen to use with apache?
> You might want to post your server.xml, looks like something isn't happy in
> there.
> John Turner

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