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From "Turner, John" <>
Subject RE: Connection pools mystery
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 12:18:47 GMT

Yes, the pools are individual to the app, but why on earth would you want to
give system-level configuration permission to general users?  That's asking
for trouble, big time.  In a hosted situation, you NEVER want to give access
to server.xml, that's the whole point!!!

The way it is set up seems pretty good to me.  The system adminstrator sets
up global parameters like timeout, idle, wait, which driver to use (drivers
are licensed by server/CPU, not by app, so how would a general user upgrade
or switch the driver???).  Then the resource name is given to the developer,
and they are welcome to use it as they wish.  

John Turner

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From: Howard Miller []
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2002 2:21 AM
Subject: Connection pools mystery


I am new(ish) to struts and have been looking at connection pools, JNDI,
Common et 

Very confused! The HOWTOs that come with (at leat) 4.1.9 give a good
of how to implement this but describe putting all the settings in
server.xml!! That 
seems like a really bad design decision to me. The pools are to do with the
application not the container. Why is this info not in the web.xml file for
the given 
application? In hosted situations one may not even have access to

I did find in this mailing list a vague reference that this had been fixed
in 4.1.8, but the 
archived  message had no further explanation or any links to more

Am I missing something here, or is there indeed a solution. If so where is


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