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From Vernon Wu <>
Subject Re: A bug or a new behaviour? How TC4.1 deal with the tile page layout template
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 08:23:53 GMT

Did I ask a foolish question? Or I should do more homework before to ask a question?

I have not received any response for this question so far.

8/6/2002 1:58:46 PM, Vernon Wu <> wrote:

>I have been using the tile page layout template for about a year on TC4.0. When I try
to upgrade the container to 
>TC4.1, the version 4.1.8 beta right now, I run into a page layout related fault problem.

>In the application, two set of templates are defined in two separated JSP file. The only
difference between these two 
>a sidebar - with or without.
>>From my observation so far, it seems the new TC container only picks up a single one
JSP with a template definition, 
>wherever the first one it finds. The second one never get translated into a Java file.
That totally ruin my application. If I 
>place the template definition with a sidebar first in the JSP file, I get an instance
exception since the sidebar file is 
>when it shouldn't be. If the place the template definition without a sidebar first in
the JSP file, no sidebar shows up in all 
>of pages. The application can't be used since most of menu items are on the sidebar.
>Again, this situation only occurs on TC4.1.8 beta, but not on TC4.0.
>Is it a bug or a new behaviour specified on a specification?
>If it is not a bug, how I can resolve the problem I am facing?

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