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From micael <>
Subject Debugger for LUMINOUS ????
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:18:35 GMT
Here you go.  I just dumped the package in here.  You use it as follows:

new Debugger().add(blah1).add(blah2).add(blah3).log("Test 1", true);

where blah1, blah2, etc. are variables you want to test.  The debugger is 
overloaded for all data types.  The "Test 1" gives you a reference in the 
log of the test, and the true makes sure prior tests are saved.  If you 
want to write over prior tests, put in "false".  If you don't want to name 
the test, leave it out.  That is overloaded too.  You will need to figure 
out a way to set your own paths for where you want the log file to 
appear.  The javadoc info is pretty much obvious.  You can just take the 
fancy stuff out and put in the path hardcoded, if you like.  I usually 
rename the class: when I use it.  This is for students.

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