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From Srinadh Karumuri <>
Subject Re: Tomcat shutdown does not kill java process
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 15:18:18 GMT
I saw similar problem when my DB process is locked due to lock on 
resources. This is not a fancy way but we gave work around to make sure we 
don't end up with two servers. This can be done easily by checking for 
'java....<options>' process running for this user in the start/stop scripts 
(and show error message).

At 10:35 AM 8/30/2002, Tim Funk wrote:
>Make sure you do not have any servlets or beans creating non-daemon 
>threads. A java process will run while there exists at least 1 non-daemon 
>Perform a thread dump on your java process and see if this is the case. 
>See previous threads (or google) on how to perform a thread dump.
>Jim Coble wrote:
>>----- Forwarded by Jim Coble/Libraries/Provost/Academic/Univ/Duke on
>>08/30/2002 10:18 AM -----
>>                       Jim 
>> Coble 
>>                                                To: 
>>                       08/30/2002 
>> 08:17         cc: 
>>                       AM                       Subject:  Tomcat shutdown 
>> does not kill java process
>>I'm running Tomcat 4.0.3 stand-alone on a Solaris 8 server.  When I execute
>>bin/, the java process that has been running Tomcat does not
>>terminate.  I can restart Tomcat fine (via bin/ but, if I then
>>do a ps -ef, I see both the old and new java processes there.  I have to
>>kill the old java process to get rid of it.  I do all and
>> commands as root.
>>Before I discovered that this was happening, I ended up with multiple
>>(Tomcat) java processes spanning several days.  I don't think the
>>now-unused java processes are consuming CPU time (at least not much) but I
>>worry that they are consuming memory.  (ps -leaf still shows them as having
>>memory allocated, if I'm understanding what I'm seeing properly.)
>>Any ideas why the java process doesn't terminate when I shutdown Tomcat?
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Jim Coble
>>Senior Technology Specialist
>>Center for Instructional Technology
>>Voice: 919-660-5974  Fax: 919-660-5923
>>Box 90198, Duke University
>>Durham, NC 27708-0198
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