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From Srinadh Karumuri <>
Subject session tracking using URL rewriting & META=refresh
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 14:27:01 GMT

I know there are two ways of session tracking in Tomcat 3.
1. Cookies based: This is out of question as our customers do not want this.
2. URL rewriting: We rewrite URLs using encodeURL(...) and worked fine for 
more than a year.

The problem started once we introduced the META-Refresh to forward user's 
screen after time out when Javascript is OFF. The copy of the HTML source 
from browser is as below:


Since semi-colon marks the  end of URL, browser was not forwarding the 
jsessionid. If I copy the URL into browser manually, it works fine.

Q1. Is there a third way of session tracking? I remember reading somewhere 
about keeping an hidden <input> field with name="jsessionid" in the page.

Any help on this?

Q2. I guess tomcat doesn't support any other character in the place of 
semi-colon. Is there any way to escape this character in the META value?

Note: We need to use Javascript OFF per customer's requirements.



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