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From Eric Gilbertson <>
Subject Re: How to change the package definition from org.apache.jsp to something else ?
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2002 15:53:57 GMT

As noted in a previous response, the package name and location of the 
servlet class
files is server specific and not directly controllable by the user. You can 
work around
this by statically compiling your servlets using jspc (use the -p switch to 
the package name that is used) and packing the resulting class files into a 
.war file.
This scheme is also server specific, so you want might to consider 
portability impacts
before using it.


Eric Gilbertson

At 12:50 AM 8/20/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I have noticed that the default package structure in my servlet source 
>files (compiled from JSPs) is org.apache.jsp.
>But the .java and .class files are generated in /work/localhost/_/ 
>directory.  How can i
>1. Force my compiled .java and .class file to go in /work/org/apache/jsp ?
>2. Make .java files to include the right package in .java files (which is 

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