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From Carsten>
Subject Re: Velocity / Avalon
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 19:53:57 GMT
> Wouldn't you do this in a cron job similar to that of
> other system logs?

This would imply that I have to restart Tomcat at rotation time which I 
do not want. Velocity seems to keep the log file open forever in my 
configuration, so even if I rename it, it continues filling up at the 
new location because the fd is never closed.

> I'm not familiar with SUSE (I run RedHat), but there
> may be a log management facility where all you would
> do is add the full path to the log file, number of
> active log files you want in the rotation, the naming
> convention (logfile.log.mmddyyyy for example), and
> what to do with the log file once it falls out of
> rotation (archive, delete, etc.).

There is something like that, but I do not want to rely on it, rather 
write the rotation script myself. But then I am stuck at above problem.

I will go for the velocity mailing list and learn some configuration.


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