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From Marc-Henri PAMISEUX <>
Subject Problem installing webapp on a network share with win2k
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 08:28:39 GMT

I trying to configure Tomcat 4.0.4 on a Win2k Workstation.
CATALINA_HOME is E:\intranet\programmes\tomcat
I moved E:\intranet\programmes\tomcat\webapps in C:\intranet\sites.
I modified E:\intranet\programmes\tomcat\conf\server.xml and declare a 
Host with appBase="C:\intranet\sites"
When i start Tomcat, all works !!!
I've got the Tomcat HomePage, and Samples works as well as the usual.

Now, i need to share my appBase with other developper, but i want that 
each developper run Tomcat server on his own station.
I've got a file server running Samba on my network.
So i move all folders in C:\intranet\sites in the network share and 
mount that Network share as a network drive N:
Now, my appBase is N:\intranet\sites (\\MYSERVER\MyShare\intranet\sites).

I modified in E:\intranet\programmes\tomcat\conf\server.xml all the 
values C:\intranet\sites to N:\intranet\sites.

So i restart Tomcat, and now, i've got the following error :

StandardContext[/manager]: Error initializing resources: Document base 
N:\intranet\sites\manager does not exist or is not a readable directory
StandardContext[/manager]: Context startup failed due to previous errors
StandardContext[/manager]: Exception during cleanup after start failed
LifecycleException:  Container StandardContext[/manager] has not been 
StandardContext[]: Error initializing resources: Document base 
N:\intranet\sites\ROOT does not exist or is not a readable directory

Tomcat start, but no context can be access, and all theses direcory 
exists on N:\intranet\sites !

What is wrong ?
Could it be a lock problem ?
Is it possible to declare session on a network share that use SMB ?



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