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From Allen Chan <>
Subject Problem on Jserv (mod_jserv) cookie routing
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 20:58:26 GMT
Send it again since I'm not sure if it got sent previously.
Would appreciate if anyone can give any debugging tips
besides turning on debug log.




Has anyone encountered this problem?  Or do you have any
idea of what might be the cause?

We have a stateless servlet application that uses the servlet's
session to keep the state.  The java client reads the response
header and set the cookie as the request property before
sending subsequence requests.  All work well until when we
do performance testings with Apache Jserv load-balancing
configured.  The setup is like this:

We have one Apache and 2 Jserv running on the same NT.
We configured the load-balancing according to the doc on  Let say the ApJServRoute for both Jserv are
JS1 and JS2.  The testings run well if we put 10 clients on it.
However, if we put some larger number of clients, say 50,
and after some long time like 30 mins or so, at least one
request was routed to the wrong Jserv.  For example, client1
was originally talking to JS1 with a cookie aaaaaaa.JS1 would
end up having a request routed to JS2 at a time 30 mins after
we start the test.  Each client send a request to server every
2 seconds.  And timeout of servlet is set to 30 mins.

Does anyone has experience or know why this happens?  It
appears to be something to do with the request routing by
mod_jserv.  My original guess is that JS1 is too busy at the
moment and so the requert gets routed to JS2.  But remember
there's a cookie sent along with the request, so mod_jserv
shouldn't route it to JS2.  And I'm sure the session
hasn't timeouted yet.

Any known problem in the load-balancing code prehaps??


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