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From Eddie Bush <>
Subject Re: RPM Upgrade from 4.0.4 - error: failed dependencies:
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:46:02 GMT
(tumbleweed blows by in the wind ...)

Could someone please fill me in regarding this?  I'm still looking for 
the answer, but haven't found it yet.  Obviously, I could just 
download/install the RPMs, but I don't see why I should have to install 
the same sun-provided packages twice.  What implications does this imply 
wrt my SDK install?



Eddie Bush wrote:

> Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell me why the LE version has a 
> dependency on jaxp/xml api/commons logging.  This is all functionality 
> found in J2SDK 1.4 (hence the LE version), right?  My guess is that 
> the packages contain "better versions" - is this correct?  My SDK 
> install was via RPM as well.  I'm going to hold off on the upgrade 
> until I get a signal that these dependencies are actually needed.  I 
> don't mind adding commons logging and log4j, as I use them anyway, and 
> like the idea of a RPM install.  However, the jaxp/xml api stuff has 
> thrown me for a loop. I really don't think any of these dependencies 
> should exist.
> error: failed dependencies:
>        jaxp_parser_impl is needed by tomcat4-4.1.9-le.1jpp
>        xml-commons-apis is needed by tomcat4-4.1.9-le.1jpp
>        jakarta-commons-logging >= 1.0.1 is needed by 
> tomcat4-4.1.9-le.1jpp
> I know someone out there knows if these are true requirements, or if 
> this is perhaps a misconfiguration in building the RPMs.  I would 
> appreciate it if they would step forward and clearify this point for 
> me. :-)
> I can't say how shocked I was to find RPMs for the beta to begin with. 
> I suppose kudos for that go out to Henri (and, I'm sure, many others 
> as well).  I, for one, really appreciate it!
> Thanks!
> Eddie
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