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From jfc <>
Subject Re: tomcat4 + declarative security
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 17:14:39 GMT
Andreas Mohrig wrote:

>The answers are "yes" and "yes". You can determine the user's
>"logged-in-ness" with a call to "request.getRemoteUser()", which should
>return "null" if he is not and his name (login) otherwise. This should
>always be the case, regardless of the currently requested resource having a
>security-constraint or nor, but of course a login will only be demanded if
>it has such a constraint.
>If you experience different behaviour, I will surely be interested to learn
>about it.
>Andreas Mohrig
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>From: jfc []
>Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 1:26 PM
>Subject: tomcat4 + declarative security
>I have two questions regarding declarative security ( I use 
>JBoss2.4.x+Tomcat4.0 + struts1.1, on suse linux7.2  - ):
>1.    Is tomcat 4 supposed to be able to distinguish previously 
>authenticated users from unauthenticated users?
>    I assumed the answer to this question is yes because otherwise the 
>user would have to undergo the entire authentication process repeatedly 
>for each request that he submits within a single session.
>2.    Is tomcat 4 supposed to be able to do the above (i.e. remember a 
>user's logged-in-ness) regardless of whether his current request was to 
>a secured resource? (again assume requests are within the same session).
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Right, well I have a situation where point 2 is not working. If I roll 
my versions back to bundle jb243+tc40, I get the predicted behaviour of 
which you speak.

What version/s are you using?


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