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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Tomcat in a multiuser webhost environment
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 15:14:17 GMT
I have done alot of work with Apache 1.3/Tomcat 4.1.X setting up virtual hosting
in a web hosting environment.  Please see my attached document.



Hans Kaiser wrote:
> Hi,
> nobody knows how to solve it, or is it too simple for an answer?
> best regards,
> Hans
>>Hello all!
>>Is this list a closed one? I tried to post a message to the list, without
>>being subscribed, but that failed (I think so, I couldnĀ“t see the mail on
>>I will go on directly to my problems:
>>I am running an Apache 1.3.x and I have all my virtual hosts under
>>Now I need a servlet and a JSP Engine, therefore I want to use the Tomcat
>>4.x. But my users should be able to define their own contexts for the
>>So my questions are:
>>- how to configure the apache and tomcat to forward all JSP and servlet
>>request from apache to tomcat.
>>- how should I setup tomcat to make it possible, that only a defined list
>>users are able to use jsp/servlet?
>>- how to setup tomcat or must I setup the apache (if forwarding the
>>servlet/jsp request from apache to tomcat), that users are able to define
>>their own
>>contexts? Is it a security problem? I thought about something like a
>>distributed web.xml in a defined location in the users home dirs.
>>- Is it possible to limit the maximum used resources (load, memory ....)
>>tomcat?  Or even better per user basis?
>>many thanks,
>>and best regards,
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